Successful relationships are those where there are only two people involved.

To be intimate in a relationship means shutting the door to outsiders and focusing on your partner.

The absolute hardest part of having a secret life with God is not allowing ourselves to be distracted by other things.

In a technologically driven world, distractions are constant. It is normal to get phone calls, text messages, e-mails, app updates, and calendar reminders all at the same time.

It is normal nowadays to have headphones in your ear, a laptop open on the desk, the phone by your side, your tablet next to your laptop, and friends all around you.

Distractions are part of today’s life, so for many the idea of being alone in a room with God, whom we cannot see, seems far-fetched.

Yet the men and women who have shaken the world are those who found a place of solitude with God.

Successful relationships only happen when you shut down all forms of distractions and noise in the world and focus on your partner.

Shut the door and become one of those voices who shakes nations.

The distractions today maybe normal for us, but they are unprecedented compared with previous generations.

Our Bibles are on our smartphones. If this is the case, maybe you should put your phone on airplane mode while you are in the secret place. Otherwise while you are reading a passage of Scripture that is speaking to your soul, a text message from your friend will pop up, and you will be derailed from meeting with God.

We need to realise that God is not a mystical being.

He is a person who longs for fellowship with His people.

Once you get the door shut to your secret place, you have won half the battle.

Shut the door, keep the noise out of your relationship with God and you are half-way there.

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