Words are binding. They create promises, expectations, relationships, and reality.

Words carry the potential to hurt or heal. To delight or disappoint. To shock and surprise.

This is true in all facets of life: work, play, and relationship.

We never want to miss an opportunity to impress someone with how we show up, or with what we offer.

We don’t want to over-promise and under-deliver on a product or a service or a relationship.

Better to surprise a friend, partner, or customer with your follow-through, delivery, or product than to speak too quickly, too early, and subsequently fall short.

Fast, showy words and big promises are easy and cheap. Silence, however, is challenging.

Silence requires a healthy dose of effort, both for those who are silent and those who receive silence.

Silence causes us to wrestle and to wait. We have no option but to live into silence, to let reality become and emerge from the empty vacuum of words.

We harness a great power, a great responsibility, and a great danger in our ability to use words. Careful silences and responsible words create spaces for and offer hope to relationships.

The word ‘listen’ contains the same letters as ‘silent.’

For many people talk is easy, being silent not so.

Personally, my silence speaks when my words can’t.

Practice the challenging art of silence: In life, work, and love.

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