In a world filled with clutter, busyness and noise, we sometimes forget the power of silence.

It is in silence that you feel the vibration of creation itself, that you hear the sound of the source, the whisper of eternity.

It is in silence that you discover your true universal nature that you are an expression of the one divine power behind the universe, manifesting in this individual body, mind, and heart.

The quieter you become the more you can hear.

It is when you spend time in deep silence that you are able to see who is your true friend and companion and who is using you, consuming you for their own selfish desires.

I love long distance driving, it is in the silence of driving alone that I spent more time thinking.

It is through the solitude of being in the car, driving in a different environment that I’m able to listen to my inner thoughts, pain, ideas, hopes and dreams.

It is in silence that you discover the truth of interconnectedness, and the priceless jewel of genuine and selfless love.

It is in silence that you tap into your deepest creative power, to the source of all creation, to consciousness itself.

Silence is healing, nourishing. It is who and what you fundamentally are.

It is not a forced silence. It is the silence that unfolds naturally when you see that all the noise in your mind, the mental chatter, is entirely self-generated.

As May Sarton writes, “Sometimes silence is the greatest sign of understanding and respect. It is far more consoling than words of false comfort.”



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