Who would I like to have lunch or dinner with, someone from the past?

My Dad.

Today is your birthday, you would have turned 69. The last time I saw you alive was last year, 12 November 2016. Your first birthday without you. It still feels like I’m dreaming.

The next painful day so far next to the day you passed on.

What would we talk about?

We would talk about what it’s like to be here without you and what you would have been proud off.

What would you be most proud off?

That I finished my Phd. Thank you for teaching me about loving books, about volunteering, about the importance of being humble, about having a developmental heart and always being willing to help where I can, and about standing out about things you care about, I try to do that everyday.

What I miss about you?

Your keen interest in developing others. Your ability to humbly talk to anyone irrespective of their levels or financial status in society. You treated everyone with respect. I will miss your quietness and low profile demeanor. I’m still awe of your positive mindset, always positive even in your death bed.

Today is your birthday, it’s been almost three months since you passed on. I’m still shocked and very sad. Everyday I ask myself how am I going to get over this. Some days it is okay, but other days, like today, it’s very very hard.

What would I like you to know?

Every day, I try to act like your responsible son. I’m not as good at it as I would like to be, but it is worth the effort. I miss you, Papa. Until we meet again, happy birthday.

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