We all like having something new. We fall in love with new shoes, a new dress, new phone, new laptop, new house or even new attention from a few friend. They are bright and shiny.  A novelty of sorts but, eventually things get old.  It is inevitable.

The shine fads away and we become bored with it.

Well, it is a new year and so the novelty still resides with most people. For a little while anyway.

We all make our resolutions (even if you will never admit to making them) and we get excited for what the promise of a new future holds for us.

I don’t think that anyone realises that we don’t have to wait till a new year or even a new month rolls around.  

We wake up with a fresh start everyday.  But, what do we make of it???

Do we take the time to make resolutions for that day?  Of course we don’t because it is just a new day….not a new year.

We wake up every day with a new day. Every day is the opportunity to connect, to lead, to create, to contribute, to write, to matter.    

Maybe we need to focus more on new day’s resolutions.

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