Gravity is a constraint. If you are a designing an airplane, it would be a lot easier without gravity as a concern, but hey, it is not going away.

A problem is solvable. A constraint must be lived with.

When Apple built their own iStores, they were working around a problem that traditional retail stores could not sell their products the way they want to.

When an entrepreneurs [who struggles to raise funding] looks at the difficult of raising funding as a constraint that is not going away, instead of complaining about it, she is better off finding a work-around that constraint, e.g. bootstrapping their business.

* ‘N boer maak ‘n plan mentality is an excellent example of finding ways around your problems instead of being stuck on a constraint.

If you choose your battles around problems, you are likely to solve them. If you choose your battles around constraints, you are likely to battle in vain.

Gravity is a constraint, it will always be there no matter how you battle it.

Problems are solved, constrains are worked around. The art is in telling them apart. The art is knowing what is a constraint in your life that needs work-around and what is a problem that can be solved.

Maybe instead of choosing battles, choose a work-around, choose peace. Peace is also a work-around. After the real and lasting victories are those of peace, and not of war.

* ‘N boer maak ‘n plan is an Afrikaans saying – which literally means the farmer makes a plan, but it is used in the instance where one must think on their feet and devise a new way of looking at something, more like a “Plan B.”

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