Without a doubt, there is someone taller than you, faster than you, cuter than you, more good looking than you, someone who is better paid, more respected and getting more than his fair share of credit.

And on social media: Of course there are people with more followers, more likes, more retweets and more of just about anything you would like to measure.

What you measure usually gets paid attention to.

Just because you can measure it does not mean it is important.

It is easy to measure the number of punches a boxer has thrown, but it is not easy to measure the impact they had on the opponent.

It easy to measure the number of years you were in a relationship, but it is not easy to measure the depth and impact it has on you.

Is the most important work always the most popular?

Does widespread acceptance translate into significant impact?

Or even significant sales?

Is the bestseller list also the bestbook list?

We tend to focus on things that are easy to measure.

Often significant things are difficult to measure.

Impact, kindness, loyalty, caring, empathy, love, curiosity, integrity, leadership, perseverance, hope, doing work that matters, influence are not easy to measure.

When you measure the wrong thing, you get the wrong thing.

Perhaps you can be precise in your measurement, but precision is not significance.

On the other hand, when you are able to expose your work and do work that matters, good things happen.

We need to spend more time figuring out what to keep track of, and less time actually obsessing over the numbers that we are already measuring.

Measure what really matters.

Just because something is difficult to measure, does not mean it is less important.

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