When you start a business or set out to build your career, it pays to focus on a big goal. You need your North Star. You need to think about the end game, so you can create something tangible to make your vision a reality.

But no matter how well you plan and execute, nothing is guaranteed. Success and the reward you are working towards is not guaranteed.

But the journey itself and what you will get out of it IS guaranteed.

Everyday you have a chance to get better, to learn something new, to meet new people, to solve problems in different ways.

In a world where nothing is guaranteed, living in and appreciating the present can sometimes be the greatest reward of all.  

Your success [or failure] is not guaranteed, but your journey is.

Have fun, smile, enjoy the scenery, take a break along the way, be friendly, reflect, collect memories, because this journey of building a business, building a career, of loving and living, of growing up might take you a little longer, make it worth your while.

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