Today marks the 4th year anniversary of me vandalizing my blog wall thoughts with so-called ideas.

In 4 years I have blogged 1465 blog thoughts, which basically translates into one blog post a day for the past 4 years.

It was author Seth Godin that motivated me to begin this journey.  He said:

“Don’t wait for a chair at the table.  Bring your own chair…or table.”  

This blog has become my “table.”

I’m not quite sure what the future is for this blog, but I sense there is much more. The more I write everyday, there more thoughts, ideas, and stories I dream.

| Dream | Write | Innovate | Love | Leading | Repeat |

Writing is like a dream come true, I write what I like and occasionally I like what I write, Still passionate about innovating certain concepts. Without Love, there is no point, its about leading yourself, and repeating again, everyday.

For those who read this blog daily and seek to use its stories, experiences and sometimes rantings in order to change the world, whether globally or locally, thank you:

Thank you,

  • For the difference you are making;
  • For the courage to stand out and not fit in;
  • For starting that movement of elites, not the elites of class or wealth, but the elites of curiosity, passion and taste;
  • For imagining a better world and doing work worth making a remark about;
  • For having the humility to say “It’s okay, its not for you” to non-believers;
  • For having the guts to say “This might not work” but we will do it anyway because it might work;
  • For teaching us that if you don’t require the journey to be easy or comfortable or safe, you can change the world; and
  • For caring enough to stand up and say, “here, I made this.”
  • For embracing the notion that popularity is not success.

Being on this journey with you is the reward.



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