By the time you were probably in your standard three [grade five], you were asked the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

In our society, job titles have come to define who a person is.

By defining yourself by what you do rather than by who are you can put yourself in emotional jeopardy.

By losing touch with who you are, coping with life transitions, such as job loss, can be even more difficult.

When your job defines you, your world becomes very narrow.

Thoughts about your job and the challenges you face are always on your mind no matter what you are doing or whom you are with.

You subtly begin to value people, activities and relationships based solely on how they can help your career. And you consistently withdraw your time, talent and energy from other areas of your life so that you can give more of yourself to your work, leaving you emotionally empty outside the office.

When you are not at work, you have withdrawal symptoms because your work is you.

When your job defines you, everything that happens at work seems personal.

Why are you here on this earth? Who are you, stripped of the work that you do?

Your career is not meant to be a limiting factor, but rather an enabler.

Your career is meant to be a means to an end, not an end by itself.

If taking a chance and doing your best work means getting fired, then it is time to get the out of there. Go find something that matters. We need you at your best.

You are not your career. Don’t confuse your career with your life.

Your job should never define you.

You are not your job.

You are not how much money you have in the bank.

You are not the car you drive.

You are not the designer labels you wear.

You are not the contents of your wallet.

Life is about living and making a difference, doing work that matters.

Though some jobs allow you to make a difference, one should always have outside interests so they broaden their horizons and do work that matters.

You are more than what you do. Your title should not confine you and your job does not define you.

You are a talented, unique, and important contributor. Don’t waste it. You won’t make it out alive.

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