For a very long time, shame has been used as a tool to cast out people who don’t conform to the norm.

How shameful does she do that, she has no shame doing that, what a shame, shame on you, shame, she deserve that walk of shame she is on….

Shame has long been used as a tool of those in power to ridicule and embarrass those who refuse to fit in.

Tribes seeks to shame those who act or look different.

Schools use shame to force compliance to those who might seek to speak out.

Companies use shame to undermine an upcoming company that threatens their monopoly.

Those who speak truth to power are often shamed and belittled by those in power.

Shame is easily amplified, as it is hardwired into us.

People use shame to try to suppress others.

When those in power use shame to bully the weak into compliance, they are stealing from us.

They tell us that they will expose us, they will expose our deepest secrets (that we not good enough, not hardworking enough, not from the right family, that we made a huge mistake once) and will use the “truth” to exile us from our tribe.

This shame, the shame that lives deep within each of us, is used as a threat. And when those in power use it, they take away part of our humanity.

Are we living our lives according to the way we want to, are we real, are we living our authentic self or are we living our lives according to the standards set by other people because we are afraid that if we detour, we will be shamed and ridiculed as not smart enough.

Are we living our lives by conforming to society’s standards and expectations because we are afraid to be shamed when we don’t fit it.

Who do you think you are? Everyone is doing it this way, what makes you think you are different or better? says experts in shaming.

Industrialists, corporates and big brother have robbed us of our authentic self, by threatening to shame us if we look different, sound different and are different.

Shame is a soul eating emotion. Shame erases hope, it corrodes the very same fibre in us that believes that we are capable of change.

Even you have failed, there is no shame in starting again, for you get a chance to build bigger and better than before.

Who are you upsetting? if you are not upsetting anyone you are not changing the status-quo.

If they are not shaming you, chances are you are not doing anything different. I’m not saying be different for the sake of being different, but be different because it is better.

They shame you because they want you to fit in, and when you fit in, they are able to control you better, and when they control you, they can forget about you. 

Be shameless and do what you believe is better, do work that matters to you and people who believe in you.

If they shame you, chances are you are on the right track.

By all means have class, do your best, work hard, you will make mistakes, that’s okay, but refuse to be shamed when you trip.

They shame you because they are afraid if you succeed, you will be better.

Shame is powerful dark magic, if fact shame is witchcraft.

You are a person of honor who does not deserve to be shamed.

A lot of people’s dreams have been shattered because they are afraid of being shamed.

Show up for your life and don’t be ashamed.

Refuse to be shamed.


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