everyone is not your customer

I’m not sure if it was ever possible to say:

“everyone loves ___,”

“everyone respects ___” or even,

“everyone really doesn’t like ___”,

but there is no doubt at all that this is not true any more.

There is no product for everyone, there is no product that everyone will love or everyone will hate.

It is a myth that everyone will love your product, but it is also a myth that everyone will hate your products.

You job as an entrepreneur is to find and delight those people who will love your product and shun those who don’t.

Not everyone uses Apple products, not everyone loves McDonalds.

When you strive to be everything to everyone, you will end up being nothing to no one. Strive to be something to someone.

You are a work of art, not everyone will understand you, but the one who do, will never forget about you.

There is no more everyone. Instead, there are many pockets of someones.

Everyone is not your customer.


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