I get to meet entrepreneurs who have tried multiple ideas within a short space of time, limping from one idea to another, sometimes because those ideas don’t work but I think most of the time because they are impatient to invest more time to nurture and see those ideas grow.

Farming is not an attractive career option to most young people because it is a slow business, the time it takes between ploughing and harvesting is long, it requires patience.

Some people have trained themselves to believe that the only kind of success worth having is overnight success. That if you don’t hit #1 the first week, you have failed. That if your interface is not perfect out of the box, or if you don’t get 5,000 people standing in line at the opening of your new store, you have failed.

The myth of the overnight success is just that a myth.

The myth of the overnight sensation is a dangerous one. Entrepreneurs need to learn that staying power is probably more important than weekend gross revenue.

Twitter was a failure for two years before anyone started using it. Look at them today. If they would have quit after two weeks we wouldn’t have known about them.

Success does not happen in a night, it happens in the thousand nights that no one will ever write a song about.

If you are not willing to be patient, you will not go all the way.

The fact of the matter is that if you tweet and no one retweets or responds, you don’t close your Twitter account and say this tweeting thing doesn’t work, you tweet again tomorrow and the day after, until someone connects with you.

When you started walking as a baby, you didn’t give up the first time you fell, in fact you smiled about it and then tried again, and again. You didn’t say I give up on this walking thing because you fell the first time.

As Seth Godin said: “Patience is for the impatient. Be patiently impatient.”

No matter how great the talent or the talent, some things take time. How we handle the journey, will determine the destination.

Like Warren Buffet have explained “You can’t produce a baby in a month, by getting nine women pregnant.”

If you are starting something new, expect a long and challenging journey. But that is no excuse to move slowly because you will be left behind.

Overnight success takes many nights.



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