Why does a broken copy machine get noticed by a number employees before someone decides to repair it?

Why does a process stay the same, even after so many complain that it is inefficient?

Because too many people think, “Well, that is not my job. Someone else should take care of it.” Meanwhile, time and money are lost forever.

The “I don’t get paid for this” mentality is what kills many startups.

The “I just work here” or “it’s my job to do just thing” attitude robs the business of your complete self.

It is not just your job. It is a big part of your life. And you are way smarter than you are giving yourself credit for. Speak up, change things, fix things or get out. Complaining later is a low-return strategy.

Fixing broken processes should be everyone’s job.

Make sure your team know that, and reward those who take positive steps to address problems.

We need more of the The Fixers in startups.

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