Two races:

The race to the bottom: is the internet-fuelled challenge to offer our products and services at lower prices than our competitors, and cheaper labour, and deliver more for less.

Cheap is the last refuge of a product developer or market who is out of great ideas.

The other is the race to the top: the opportunity to be the one they can’t live without, to be the maverick entrepreneur we would miss if he didn’t show up. The race to the top focuses on delivering more for more. It embraces the outliers, the passions of those with the resources to make choices, and it rewards originality, remarkability, and art.

Will we miss you when you are gone? If you are fitting in, chances are we won’t miss you, but you stand out, are different, creative, yes, we will miss you when you are not there.

Extract from: The StartUp Revolution: Fit In or Stand Out

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