…. doing the work, not necessarily having the ideas.

There are two kinds of people:

  • Those who do the work and those who take the credit;
  • Those who talk the good talk with smart words and terminologies and those who talk less but deliver more;
  • Those who like free things and those who put in the hours to earn their success;

Try to be in the first group; there is less competition there.

There is so much you can achieve if you don’t care much about who gets the credit.

Many people have amazing ideas, the real challenge is in doing the work.

There is no lack of great ideas, what we have is a lack of brave people to execute those ideas.

There is lack of competition when it comes to hard work. The road less travelled is the hard work road, very few people are willing to put in the hours.

Very few people have the guts to execute their idea. People are scared to execute because they are afraid to fail. To them failure means being ridiculed and seeing as failures by their peers. Therefore they plan, plan and plan and end up thinking themselves out of their ideas.

By hard work I don’t mean hard physical work, the new definition of hard work means the doing the difficult work of challenging the status-quo, of doing the difficult emotional work of overcoming fear, of innovating and doing work that matters.

Work for it more than you wish for it.


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