You want to know where do creative ideas come from, look at what people complain about.

Where there is a compliant, there is an idea for a solution.

Steve Jobs created the iPad because he was annoyed by how the Microsoft head of innovation he met at a party, was going on about his tablet using a stylus, Jobs doesn’t like a stylus. Creating a similar product but using your finger instead of a stylus made more sense to him, so instead of arguing and fighting with the dude, he just went to create his own tablet, iPad, where you use your finger instead of a stylus.

You are going to see a lot of stupid things out there and you are going to feel like you need to correct them.

Quit playing angry bird on twitter and go make something.

Anger is a creative resource. Whatever frustrates you is an opportunity for a creative idea, what frustrates people lies a gold mine of ideas. Take some time and observe what people complain about or what frustrates you.

In the landmark case of Makate vs. Vodacom where the Constitution Court of South Africa ruled that Vodacom should compensate Mokate for the invention of the “Please Call Me” idea. Where did Mokate get the “Please Call Me” idea from? Makate’s girlfriend (now wife) was a student at the University of Fort Hare in the Eastern Cape and had no money for airtime. A long distance relationship, the lack of airtime and several communication hurdles sparked the idea for Please Call Me, a free service which enables a user without airtime to send a text to be called back.

The frustration of a long distance relationship sparked the “Please Call Me” idea.

Are you frustrated about a book you are always looking for and can’t find or it seems like it has not been written yet, maybe consider writing it.

Henry Rollins has said that he is both angry and curious, and that keeps him moving.

Look around you, what are people complaining about? Are they complaining about a certain group of people always being consumers instead of being producers? Always crammed at shopping malls looking for opening specials unaware that they are feeding their consumerism addiction? Then consider starting your own shopping mall, or open your own store, start a movement, start a consumerism anonymous group for shopaholics.

Are you frustrated by high bank charges, start your own bank. Nthabeleng Likotsi did.

Are you frustrated by the media always reporting negative news and from one dimension only, then start your own media house, Given Mkhari and Andile Khumalo did.

Are you frustrated by that the high tuition fees of business schools, then start your own business school.

Are you frustrated that certain services are too farther from your neighborhood, then open that service in your area.

Creative ideas come from customer pains and frustration. Yes it is not easy, but that’s what makes it worthy.

Many creative ideas are disguised as customer frustrations, anger and complains, if only we could just change how we view them.

Instead of wasting your anger on complaining and lashing out at people, try to channel it into making something.

Use creating ideas (writing or drawing, creating) as an approach to vent out your frustrations.

So go on, get angry. But go create something.

The best way to complain is to make something.

Beyonce’s Lemonade album is a case in point.

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