My recent blog: “Where do creative ideas come from?: They are in your scrapbook” brought this response from Mutshidzi Nenzhelele. I like the analogy he uses of ideas as living spirits in the osmosis. Below is his response:

What im about to write has no scientific proof nor religious proof or relevance. It is purely my imaginative thought.

There a plenty of ideas floating about in the earth. Ideas to help humankind, ideas to make our lives better. From time to time, these ideas descend to our level and find habitat in the minds of those entrusted with them by the principalities of ideas.

Once an idea has been blessed unto us, it is our duty to bring that idea to fruition, to reality, so as to enable the betterment of humankind.

As a blessed vessel upon which an idea has been bestowed, it is then our duty to facilitate or champion the realisation of the benefits constituent in that particular idea.

We become custodians of the idea.

Unfortunately, most of us are not willing to invest time, energy, resources and patience to these ideas poured upon us. So the ideas reverse from our minds in search of a new seemingly worthy vessel to abide in.

Once an idea has descended from the earth, it does not go back. Some ideas are lucky enough to be cultivated by their entrusted hosts. Some are lucky enough to escape their custodians as they are becoming stale and outdated. The tragedy to ideas comes when a human custodian dies before the idea has escaped either via human communication or idea transfer . This idea is lost to human kind and dies with its owner. Oh!, the tragedy.

May I not be an idea killer, may I cultivate all ideas bestowed upon my being, no matter how feeble and useless they may seem.

#Save the idea

Mutshidzi Nenzhelele.

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