I have been thinking a lot about the terms “mediocrity” and “average” lately.  We often look at developing people to be above “average,” in the pursuits of helping them to be successful.

I personally believe that mediocrity as we define it is for losers and defending it is exhausting.

The minute we settle for less than what we deserve, we get even less than what we settled for.

But here is the thought:

Based on the meaning of “average,” we will never get away from this.

If everyone becomes awesome, then awesome becomes the new average, which then raises the bar for what “awesome” is.

Maybe the goal should not be to develop people who are above “average,” but to work to the point that “average” becomes a much higher standard in life.

Maybe should  make standards to be exceptionally high, and making that our new definition of average.

Maybe the it’s the same difference, 6 and 9, or maybe not.

Just a thought.



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