Don’t seek reassurance. Reassurance is futile.

No one can give you infinite reassurance, unfortunately that’s the amount of reassurance you think you need.

Don’t look for a map, make a map.

Change comes from people who make a map, who takes initiative.

You don’t have to dig a hole to make a living anymore, it’s not your muscles that we need, but your bravety to say: I’m going to create something, something that people will follow, I’m going to do work that matters.

The minute someone gives you a map, a set of instructions, a dummies guide to follow, you are as good as someone who flips burgers at McDonalds.

You need to say: what map can I draw?

It doesn’t have to be a giant map, we are not asking you to fix the world’s health care system. We are asking you to start, then start, then start.

You have everything you need to build something far bigger than yourself. It’s always better to write your own rules and let others follow them, than to follow other people’s maps.

The difference between the chef and the cook is that the chef writes the map (recipe), and the cook follows it. We value the chef’s creativity and bravety more.

Draw your own map, connect the dots, and make a difference.




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