This book is not about entrepreneurs being misfits, not about innovators, artists or misfits in the businesses world. This is a book about God and your relationship with Him. Mark Casto gives examples of people and stories of misfits in the bible, who lost their way with God. The first misfits in the world were Adam and Even when they were cast out from the Garden of Eden. I put this upfront so that you can manage your expectations when you read this review and when you decide to get the book.

Books have a profound way of shaping our worldviews and changing our perspectives. A large part of my growth as a person is due to books. Books have a huge potential to change us.

Certain books sneak up on you and have a profound impact on how you view certain things about life. This book certainly did that. It made me understand the importance of my relationship and journey with God.

It’s the story of a generation disqualified in the eyes of society.

Misunderstood.  Misinformed.  These misfits wander the world, missing both a plan and a purpose, never realising that their destiny is divine.  But it is not just the story of this generation; it is the condition of us all.  At some point every person has felt disconnected, unqualified, and alone.  But there is good news.

Your God-designed destiny is not controlled by your background, or social or economic status.  It is unlocked through secret intimacy with the creator of your future.  That’s where misfits become kings.

Mark Casto helps you gain a new perspective on your out-of-place life.  Learn how to discard the misfit pieces and fill that void with identity and purpose found in God’s presence.  Through this book get to see how God turn irrelevance into royalty, and how rejection can lead to a coronation.  There is a plan.  You have a destiny that was designed just for you.

I love the chapter about The Secret Place. The starting block about having a deep relationship is to have a secret place where you pray, where instructions are given, wisdom is supplied, deliverance is released, healing is received, and the grace is released for misfits to become the person God has created us to be.

If you want to develop intimacy with God, you need a secret place, a place where you can shut the door and spend some time with your heavenly Father.

Prayer is not a monologue where you ask God for your wishes, prayer is a dialogue; God’s voice in response to mine is its most essential part. In most cases we do a great job of hammering out our heads before God’s throne, but not a good job of waiting to hear God’s response.

My prayer for you as you read this blog, and those who will decide to read this book is that you find a secret place with God. You need a place to get alone with Him. You need to get away from the noise of the culture to hear the voice that formed and fashioned the universe.

God doesn’t mind you talking, as long as you remember that He wants to talk back.



I love this book and I’m sure I will read it again. It has changed my view about certain things regarding my relationship with God. I do recommend it to anyone who is interested in going deeper in their spiritual journey.

As an entrepreneur, the title of this book resonated with my attitude towards life, that we were not born to fit, but to stand out. God created us to be kings in His world, not to be ordinary and fit in.

A book is a screaming bargain. You pay about R200 for a book, and you have something that might change your life.

This book ranks as one of my best books.

Some of the quotes from the book:

  • Being a misfit isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Being shunned by the world can actually be a blessing in disguise. It provides one with the time and the elbow room to grow
  • The solitude of a shepherd can offer one the freedom to practice an instrument, compose words and music, and learn the effective harmony of placing a smooth stone into a leather sling.
  • Only by living as an outsider did he learn to depend on himself and the still, small voice of God within. Throughout his years among the sheep, that voice was his only genuine companion, his guide to greatness.
  • Your obscurity is your opportunity to develop your maturity, your greatness.
  • Adam and Eve chose what was easy (their selfish desire) over what they thought was hard (resisting temptation), and discovered that they easy way wasn’t the easy way.
  • You cannot rely upon yourself to fulfill the assignment God has for your life. God wants “co-laborers.” He is not interested in watching you work. He wants to work with you and in you. He wants to share His secrets with you and walk you through the process of fulfilling your assignments in the earth.
  • Mankind was created to walk with God in secret, intimate fellowship, away from the noise even of organs, shouting and bold preaching.
  • Satan’s world system wants you to think that there is nothing different about you. Satan wants you to fit into his system. But when you get to know God through His Word, you will begin to awaken to your divine nature and realise that the reason you are a misfit is because you were created to be a king in His plan, not ordinary in Satan’s.

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