Often we use the scars we carry as a reason not to do certain things. We even say “once bitten, twice shy.” We stop venturing into experiences that makes us alive. Then we hide and “keep it safe.”

I have seen it before where people look for a reason to hide and I’m sure I will see it again.

Hiding from change. Hiding from responsibility. Hiding from the prospect of feeling foolish.

We live in fear of feelings.

We will rationalize in extraordinary ways to avoid coming out of hiding.

Whenever a business cycle starts to falter, the media start folding their hands. Then big businesses do, freelancers, entrepreneurs and soon everyone is crying in grief.

People and businesses that have no real financial stress start to pull back, “because it is prudent.” Now is not the time, they say. They cut budgets and put off investments. It is almost as if everyone is just waiting for an excuse to do less.

In fact, they are.

Growth is frightening for a lot of people. It brings change and the opportunity for public failure. So if the astrological signs are not right or the water is too cold or we have got a twinge in our elbow, we find an excuse. We decide to do it later, or not at all.

What a shame. What a waste.

Entrepreneurship research reports that a huge percentage of companies were founded in a recession. Talk about uncertain times.

But uncertain times, frozen liquidity, political change and poor astrological forecasts all lead to less competition, more available talent and a do-or-die attitude that causes real change to happen.

If I was not already running my own business, today is the day I would start one.

When in doubt, look in the hiding places. Our scars are not a good reason to hide.

Sometimes when you hide something, you end up hiding it from yourself because after a while you forget where you hid it.

Don’t hide yourself to an extend that you have hidden your true self from yourself.

Do you have the talent and courage to connect, create, touch, and do work that matters? The treasures that are hidden inside you are hoping you will say yes.”

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