…. sometimes it is better to leave them closed, not because of pride or arrogance, but simply because they no longer lead somewhere.

There is a proverb that goes “Se nkganang se nthola morwalo”. It is a Setswana/Sepedi saying that means, literally translated: What which rejects me, releases me from the burden.

Sometimes it is better to be rejected, rejection is part of re-direction.

Sometimes you need to be rejected, so that you don’t spend your life trying to fit in a circle that you were not destined to be in in the first place.

Entrepreneurs get rejected all the time. Our proposals get rejected, our clients reject us for the competitor, our staff rejects us, resign and go work elsewhere.

We roll with the punches of rejection, as long as we are still in the boxing ring.

Entrepreneurs are aware that it is not true that everybody will approve you or your offerings but we are also aware that not everybody will reject you.

As one door opens, another door will close and as another door closes, another one will open.

One of the best things God can do for you, is to close certain doors for you.

We often shout for God to open doors, but we should also thank Him for closing certain doors.

There are some doors if He had not closed them, we would be stuck on them for the rest of our lives doing things we were not supposed to do or be. We would be tied to someone who did not understand us or relate to us, would be tied to bad clients who will bankrupt us, would be stuck with staff that is not loyal.

Be thankful for the doors He closed, and the people that left because they thought they are better than you.

The stones that the builders reject often becomes the chief cornerstone.

Don’t cry for things that left you, if it was good for you, you would have gotten it.

Everything that was closed off, everything that rejected you is a sign that it was not good for you.

If God did not give it to you, it is a sign that it was not meant for you. God has a plan for your life. Let go of things that are rejecting you.

God has a plan for your life, for your business. This does not mean you should not work hard, it does not mean you should lazy around and wait for God to open doors for you.

You are not an accident. God created you into existence, He spoke into your life.

Everything you need to be who you want to be is inside of you. You need to draw it out of you. You need to work hard in your area of talent.

Too often when doors close we just keep looking at the closed door thinking that if we focus on what could have been it will magically open.

One thing that will consistently bring peace when doors close is the fact that when God closes one door He is faithful to open another.

God closes doors to cause us to focus on what is in front of us now, not what is behind some other door.

There is something in you and it is awesome, if others can’t see it, it is their loss.

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