You can copy and paste what someone else has done and do some slight edits or you can actually spend time going deeper in understanding something.

You might not be willing to devote the time and energy to understand how electricity actually works, or the mechanisms of your democracy, or the insights behind irrational decision making.

More likely, you don’t want to expend the emotional labor to push through feeling dumb as you dig deep on your way to getting smart.

That is always been an option.

You can just use the tool without understanding it, copy the leader without realising where she is going, follow instructions without questioning them.

You can choose to be a cog in a machine you don’t understand.

If that is working for you, no need to change it.

Not going deeper, means you settle for being average. The opposite of going deeper is being mediocre. 

Average people don’t go beyond average, they don’t prefer going deep. They settle for superficial.

Externally they look like the part, but internally they are not the part.

Social media has amplified externals, but we don’t get to know the real internal heart.

Potential customers see adverts, but experiencing the offering is where the rubber hits the road.

Looking attractive, having the right external appearances, looking the part is an advantage, but serious relationships and attractions are deeper than externals.

The outward attractions are certainly an advantage, but be assured that when it comes to serious long-term relationships, no one ever stayed together simply because they were attractive.

We spend most time dealing with the fruit of an issue, while we do not deal with the root cause of an issue. Until we get down to the root causes of a thing, it will continually pop up over an over again.

When you get to the point where you are tired of dealing with things from a superficial perspective, you then ask yourself that surely there is more to life than superficial solutions, than putting bandage on critical issues.

Surely there is more to life than just getting by, making the best of a bad situation.

Surely there is more to life than going through a form and fashion, a routine and ritual.

The world is changing fast and in order to keep up, your entire mentality about work has to change just as quickly. It means going deeper, deeper in your life, career, business, spirituality.

When we talk about solving problems, we always say let’s go to the root cause of the problem because we recognise that superficial, cosmetic, external solutions hardly solve internal rooted issues.

When an egg breaks from the outside, life is ended, but when it breaks from the inside, life begins.

Meaningful and sustainable change comes from inside.

Great things always begin from that power within.

The deeper the foundation, the taller the building. The deeper the roots, the tougher the tress.

The more you are deep rooted in your area of focus, the less likely you are to be shaken by externals factors.

When the root is deep, there is no reason to fear the wind.

To be deep rooted is perhaps the most important and least recognised need of the human soul.

Go deeper in understanding your industry and how it changes, understand your customers deeper, go deeper in planning the future of your business.

Understanding things deeper will build your resilience when challenges comes.

When you are deep rooted, temptation will not move you.

Deeper gets you customers willing to drive across town to visit you.

Deeper is remarkable.

Deeper is ridiculous.

It is insanely over the top.

Customers will bully their friends in order to get them to come to your business.

The root of the matter is to grow deep so as to live tall.

We all need our roots, for the same reason why trees have roots.

Ps: Living tall is not about living a boastful and external life, but about living a life that matters.

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