Doing work that “matters” does not mean you need to transform into Mother Teresa. You can make a difference in the world many ways:

  • The interior designer who helps to renovate a children’s hospital creates a healing environment for patients and their families.
  • The bicycle shop owner who refurbishes old bicycles and donates them to children in the community, provides a service that helps both the environment and the youth in town.
  • The make-up artist who offers free makeovers during a job-hunting workshop for victims of domestic abuse helps to bolster women’s self-esteem at a vulnerable point in their lives.
  • The dry-cleaning that offers free cleaning services to an unemployed who is going for an interview.
  • Oh did I hear you say you work full-time and don’t have a business, take Mahube Mpugwa for instance, he is GM of Puma Energy in Botswana, one of the busiest positions. As part of Tshwaragano Trust, Him together with his partner Moraki Mokgosana climbed Mt Everest Base Camp as part of raising funds for the Cancer Association of Botswana. To date they have raised P250,000 for the Association.Starting-point
  • Oh did you say as a share-trader, you are so busy that your boss won’t allow you to take off time to climb a mountain, how about you start a blog and share tips on how to buy shares, save money, it will take you about an hour once a month.

Do your work as if it might actually change someone’s life, because it might. 

The reason it matters is because it might change someone’s life… The key is “someone” not everyone. Chances are you might not change everybody and that’s fine, as long as you can change someone, then it matters.

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