Watch this because I’m in it


I’m in it because you will enjoy watching it.


I published a book so I need you to read it


There is something you need to read, so I wrote about it.


I’m fifty and I just made an album because it was time for me to make one.


These songs won’t let go of me and I want to share them with you because they matter.


I took a selfie and I look good, here it is what do you think?


I took a picture of you [a youfie]. wow you look good.

The first is me-centric and explains that we are promoting something that got made because we need to sell it.

What we do is make stuff and sell it, and what you do is buy it or watch it.  “I needed to make something to sell, here is the best I could do.”

The second is you-centric.

It starts with the needs and desires of the consumer and ignores the committees, the compromises and the economic realities. It says, “I found something for you, here it is.”

Most of the time, most consumer products are sold on the basis of:

“Yes, there are other choices, but this is the one we make. I’m not sure that is a good enough reason. (Selfie)”

80% of the mail and promotion I get [and 98% of the ads] fall into this category. The enthusiasm of commerce, not of belief and pride.

People are not likely to be interested in you until you are interested in them first. Its about how much you care about them.

Take pride in your products [selfie], sure, but take more pride in the people you create your products for [youfie].

Ps: Youfie, is the opposite of selfie. A Youfie is when you take a photo of someone else you either know or do not know when they are not expecting it and share it with them and congratulate them for looking awesome.

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