This question, however, is also the hardest. We have no problem telling people what we do: I’m an accountant, I’m a doctor, I’m a web developer. But we rarely share why we do what we do.

By starting with your why, you can recruit die-hard fans who read your content, buy your products and promote your company, not because they are being paid or even because your products are great, but because they believe what you believe.

Why did you start your business, and why should we care? Making money is not the reason you start a business, it is the end result, what is the main reason?

Often I ask entrepreneurs this question and they always struggle to answer it. The reason you start your business should be inspiring that other people would want to join you.

Your why is basically what would you do if money was not an issue.

Without a clear crystal and inspiring why, you are likely to be out-smarted by those who have it.

Knowing why you do what you do will keep you focused on your journey and not easily destructed by other “juicy” deals.

Knowing your why becomes a rallying call for staff to be go the extra mile.

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe”  Simon Sinek

When you do your strategy: Your why should come before what.

When the why becomes clear, the how becomes easy.



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