Recently went to a lodge in the middle of the bushes for a few days. The food was purely healthy food to an extent that I got sick. Not sick because of bad food, but because my body was not used to such healthy food over a longer period of time.

This got me thinking. The easier way to keep healthy is to stay at an environment that leaves you no choice but to eat healthy. I don’t need much motivation, just the right environment.

There is limited need for motivation if the environment leaves you no choice to lead a positive life.

If you want to quit drugs, you will need a lot of motivation to help quit if you live in house full of users.

Motivation is important, but it is hard to stay motived in a negative environment, that’s why the impact of motivational talks is short-lived because people you motivate go back to the same old disempowering environment.

Bessie Head in her novel Maru, says heredity nothing, environment everything. The environment you live in plays a more crucial role in your environment than your heredity.

A good environment needs very little motivation, but a negative environment makes motivation hard to sustain.

Before you seek motivation, ensure that your environment you go back to will enable you to keep going. Associate yourself with an enabling environment.

If you want change, change your environment, change the places you hang out. Change your environment, change your destiny.

Successful countries are able to capitalize the talents of its people due to environments that enables its people no choice but maximize their potential.


A tree planted in the right soil can grow much better than when planted in the wrong soil. Certain animals can survive in certain natural habitats than others.

Environment is everything.

An environment can be a motivation on its own.

ps: But don’t just be in the right environment for the sake of being in it. My philosophy is that it does not pay to go to a conference unless you are prepared to be vulnerable and meet people, and it does not pay to go to a Q&A session unless you are willing to sit in the front row. Reading blogs is great, writing one is even better.

There are more chances than ever to attend, but all of them require participation if you expect them to work.

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