One of my recent favourite TED talk is that by Bryan Stevenson. His opening remarks on his talk he says:

“If you are a teacher your words can be meaningful, but if you are a compassionate teacher, they can be especially meaningful. If you are a doctor you can do some good things, but if you are a caring doctor you can do some other things.”

From this opening statement I can deduce that there are teachers and there are compassionate teachers, there are doctors and there are caring doctors.

You can commit or you can overcommit.

Over-commit does not mean focusing on too many things and committing to them, instead it means letting go of too many things that needs your limited attentionf and just focus on one thing and over-commit to it.

Customers are not fooled by good intentions, mission statements, or customer-satisfaction programs, because their world has not been changed by these things; the only way to translate intention into behaviour if everything hangs on the outcome, is to over-commit.

Parents or other adults who are irrationally committed to a child’s well being make a huge (perhaps the biggest) difference in that child’s life.

Entrepreneurs who are irrationally committed to their business are far more likely to get through the challenges and bankruptcies.

Salespeople and service providers and marketers who are irrationally committed to customer service can completely transform an ordinary experience and make it remarkable.

Is being irrational, irrational? Of course it is. That is why it often works.

If your organisation, project, assignment or relationship requires success before commitment, it will never have either.

There will be no impact without commitment. No matter what you do, you cannot influence someone who is not interested.

Part of leadership (a big part of it, actually) is the ability to stick with the dream for a long time. Long enough that the critics realise that you are going to get there one way or another…so they follow.

Focus on one thing, over-commit to it and do it very well rather than focusing on multiple things and doing them half-heartily.

People who change the game are not average at many things they are great at one thing. Think of things you can stop, relationships you can stop, multiple projects you need to stop so you can move closer to over-committing to one thing.

The quality of your life depends on the levels of your commitment.

Be irrationally committed to your business, your customers, your partner.

2 thoughts on “Irrationally committed

  1. Perfect article to start me off on my first day back at work tomorrow..irrationally commit. Also thought provoking forcing one to reflect on other half commitments that one has in the name of hustling.

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