One of my all time favorite quotes comes from the great American writer Mark Twain: “…the world owes you nothing; it was here first.”

Even when you make your art, your best skill, even when you have exerted your most and best emotional effort into a project – the world owes you nothing.

There is nothing worse than going through life feeling like the world owes you something. They don’t. But you need to do what you do anyway.

It is important to step into the unknown and offer us your gifts, but have the humility to know that  no one owes you anything.

I get to see entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas, set-up shop, do the packaging, the look and feel and the interiors are perfect. But having done all these does not mean that you are entitled to customers’s money.

Entitlement is the joy killer.

Divas are divas because they have tricked themselves into believing that they are not getting what they are entitled to, and that they are worth more than what they are getting.

The universe, it turns out, owes each of us very little indeed. Hard work and the dangerous commitment to doing something that matters does not get us a guaranteed truck full of prizes and likes… but what it does do is help us understand our worth. That worth, over time, can become an obligation, the chance to do our best work and to contribute to communities we care about.

When the work is worth it, make more of it, because you can, and because you are generous enough to share it.

Sure share that brilliant idea, set-up that shop, do the packaging, perfect the look and feel. Do your best as far as you can, but understand that it is the client that decides what is worthy to her.

If it is worthy, she will appreciate it and pay for it.

Keep on doing your best, if certain people don’t get it, that’s okay, it’s not for them. Move on to those who get it, it’s for them.

There is no product for everybody, there is no category called everybody, everybody is not a customer category or segment.

Work hard to delight the true believers.

Do your best, don’t do it because you expect much from others, don’t do it because you expect applause, do your best because it is important to you.





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