Some people are able to reflect the light that lands on them, to take directions or assets or energy and focus it where it needs to be focused.

This is a really valuable skill.

Even more valuable, though, is the person who glows in the dark. Not reflecting energy, but creating it. Not redirecting urgencies but generating them.

The glow in the dark colleague is able to restart momentum, even when everyone else is ready to give up.

At the other end of the spectrum is the black hole. All the energy and all the urgency merely disappears.

When those around you are down, lonely and depressed, be that person that shines a little light on them, the light may not be enough to shine the entire room, but at least it is sufficient to keep them hopeful.

Your glow in the dark friend knows that recharging is eventually necessary, but for now, it is okay that there is not a lot of light. The glow is just enough for now.

Doing work that matters entails being a glow in the dark for those around you.

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