The best thing to say to an artist of any kind might be: “someday, people will think what you did is really important.”

If it is popular with everyone right away, it might not be art, it might just be good marketing.

But if it earns attention and respect over time, if it wins over the skeptical, then you have really created something.

The thing with true *art is that it is not popular at the outset. Good art is timeless and takes time to be…

Von Gogh’s work was only appreciate after he passed on.

Today, we consider Vincent Van Gogh to be one of the greatest and most influential painters of all time, but that was not the case when he was alive.

Van Gogh’s work received little to no recognition during his lifetime.

His paintings were often described as being too dark and lacking the bright liveliness seen in Impressionist paintings of the time.

Van Gogh produced more than 900 paintings during his lifetime, but only sold one painting, Red Vineyard at Arles.

If you are doing work that matters, respect and attention comes over time, not immediately.

On average it takes more than seven years to be an overnight success.

* I define art as anything [or work] that is able to touch a person’s soul for the better, art is not limited to painting or sculpture, art is doing work that matters, work that might fail, work that changes a person’s soul for the better.

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