I used to be a great fan of comic books and comic strips on newspapers. I recently learned how life works in comparison to comic books.

The secret of the comics is not what you see in each frame. It’s the little gutter, the space in between the frames. Because the artist does not draw it in, that space is left up to you. It pulls you in. You create the narrative as the story moves along.

One thing that most comic artists avoid is showing decisions. They show action, sure, and they show results, but they don’t show (because it’s difficult to show) the hero or the villain making a choice.

And it is this between-the-frame action that makes creating and testing new things so powerful. Action is easy once you have a plan. Formulating a plan, however, is rare and valuable skill.

We get to see successful people, the end product (the final comic pic) but we don’t get to see how hard they worked, the difficult decisions the had to make (the between-the-frames) in order to be successful.

The real drama and success is usually hidden between-the-frames, the parts people don’t get to see.

Work hard in silence, let your success do the talking. Even better, let your success remain private, you are not doing it for popularity.


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