Three years ago I started this journey of typing words on a website and sharing it with others. I never thought this simple act will last for three years but I’m glad it has. I have learned so much for blogging and continue to learn more.

I have not  done this longer than any professional project I can remember, however I consider it a joy and a privilege. I write and edit every word myself, and always have. This is me, unvarnished, vulnerable, sometimes making sense and other times just ranting.

Thank you for letting me write this blog for you, and thank you for sharing the ride.

Showing up daily on this blog is not my challenge, it’s learning to live with the fact that I can’t say everything I want in a single post, that the trade-off of reaching people easily is that you can also lose people easily.

It’s a journey, for both of us, and I’m thrilled to be taking it with you.

My biggest surprise? That more people are not doing this, I wish more people could blog, share their thoughts. Not just every University professor (particularly those in the humanities and business), but everyone hoping to shape opinions or spread ideas. Entrepreneurs. Senior VPs. People who work in non-profits. Frustrated poets and unknown musicians and so on and so forth…

Don’t blog because it’s your job, blog because you can.

Yet people say I’m not a writer so I don’t know what I will blog about and then I say you talk everyday, you don’t wake up everyday with a talker’s blog. If you can talk, you can write, just translate your talking words into written words and there you have it.

You have thoughts and emotions, you talk about them everyday, why not write them down everyday. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be written down. You don’t have to write paragraphs upon paragraphs, you can write one paragraph blog, you can write two or three sentences blog, you can write long or short, it really doesn’t matter, what matters is that you wrote it down.

The selfishness of the industrial age (scarcity being the thing we built demand upon, and the short-term exchange of value being the measurement) has led many people to question the value of giving away content, daily, for a year or more. And yet… I have never once met a successful blogger who questioned the personal value of what she did.

For me, the privilege is sharing what I notice, without the pressure of having to nail it and getting it right every time… I treasure the ability to say, “this might not work.”

3 thoughts on “The 1000th Post

  1. 1000th Post sounds like my cup of tea, I still have to learn to blog,though. But I see my character traits there.
    Sharing encouraging or just wanting to write something .
    I believe I will so long continue to learn from this blessing that is upon me now.
    Jeremiah 3:15 God said accorheart, I will give you shepherds who will teach you in understanding and in knowledge.

  2. Burning bridges is a very dangerous task, See a bridge as a step ladder..on your way up, there people holing the ladder for you o viously.Imagine when you on top and you have to come down. LuckyDube wrote a verycontious song about this , phenomena. I believe thee is no difference between the two
    When we look at it with the eyes of a journey to stardom.

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