Loyal customers understand that there is almost always something better out there, but they are not so interested in looking.

Loyalty can be rewarded, but loyalty usually comes from within, from a story we like to tell ourselves. We are loyal to sports teams and products (and yes, to people) because being loyal makes us happy. Why else be a fan of the soccer clubs? Some customers like being loyal. Those are good customers to have.

Loyalty is not forever. Sometimes, the world changes significantly and even though the loyal partner/customer likes that label, it gets so difficult to stick that he switches.

If you need life long loyalty, you will need to keep reinventing your brand so that it is consistent with ever changing environments.

People who were loyal to Nokia 3310 brand will find it difficult to be loyal to it today.

Consistency to your value proposition is key in loyalty.

Entrepreneurs want loyal, consistent and customers who won’t give up on them, but to get such customers, the entrepreneur’s business has to be that person as well. If you give consistency, you will not complain much about loyalty.

We become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to become each day. – Richard G Scott

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