Our society has shifted and every company needs to make the shift if it wants to grow.


  • You are going to spam the world, yell at them, run promotions, distribute flyers, cold calls, send emails, and send sales people screaming pick me! pick me! yelling at everyone to get some attention; or
  • You can choose to get some permission from your clients, talking to your customers with a voice that they anticipated, a voice that’s customised, personal and relevant to them. You can chose to know your customers by delivering messages that they want to hear before selling to them.

It’s a fork on the road; you are going to have to do one or the other as you grow your company.

Either you are the property estate agent with your picture on your business cards sticking it out under every windscreen of every car you can find or you are a marketer who is showing up when you are welcomed, talking to potential customers who want to listen to you.

The following is simple way to remember this principle: There are two ways to get married:

  • First way to get married is to go to a party where lots of single people are, walk up to the first person you meet and propose marriage. If that person says no, repeat the same proposal on every person in the party until someone says “I do.” That’s really not the smartest way to get married.
  • The other way to get married is to go on a date, if it goes well, go on another date with that person. Wait until the fourth date before you tell them you are out on parole. Meet their parents, they meet your parents, get engaged and get married. This method has worked for a lot of people.

It’s always advisable not to yell at every customer proposing marriage to them, instead figure out how to earn the right to whisper to them.

“Date” your prospects, know what they want and then marry them. Don’t propose “marriage” to everybody.

Know your customers first.

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