Disruptors have discovered that if they are able to express any problems as a series of challenges, they can build a team capable of rising to those society’s challenges.

Businesses, whether they make dog food or software, don’t sell products; they sell solutions

Every successful disruptor look internally, questioning issues, questioning environments and assumptions about the environment and about themselves and reevaluating their unique talents.

Disruptors put themselves on the path to success, even if they didn’t know what might lie ahead.

Disruptors understand that they cannot fall in love with their ideas, that they must be willing to destroy their concepts and pivot their energies before the market can render their businesses obsolete. 

All disruption starts with introspection. The way we understand our internal value chains, how we view ourselves and how we interpret our personal strengths, is at the core of all external success.

Internal introspection starts with how we have been socialised and the role education. Are you educated or are not intelligent. Being educated does not mean you are intelligent.

Brian Naidoo said it very well:

“Many have one and don’t have the other and I can tell you that many job “owners” have education so they passed the interview and got the job working for someone. Intelligence might not be sufficient for the interview to work for someone else for it demands a backed up education CV. Intelligence is not just textbook knowledge but practical application and common sense induced by imagination and creativity that turns ideas into inventions even though the thoughts initially sound crazy they are cash loaded if you crack the code to invent or install it. It’s that kind of mindset that makes entrepreneurs soar like eagles. Many never make it in school or go to university but they own the streets and houses that many professors and “knowledgeable” people live on and in.”

Successful disruptors are people who understand the difference between education and intelligence. They have learned to challenge and disrupt their own belief systems in order to re-position themselves to take advantage of opportunities and success.

Challenge your own belief systems once in a while, for example: “were you born to work, consume, pay bills and die?” If not, what are you doing to disrupt disrupt yourself.

Disruption starts with you. You cannot disrupt others if you can’t disrupt yourself.

One thought on “The Disruptors: All disruption starts with introspection

  1. Insightful article. To succeed we always need to evaluate and rethink the belief systems that may be stumbling blocks to our success. They are self limiting and false. You have just given me something to ponder about.

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