Don’t quit the things where you can become the best in the world at something. The “world” is however nichey you want it to be. But be the best at it.

Count the cost.

Decide early if something is worth doing because you have to be prepared for the struggle. The struggle is inevitable if the thing is worth doing. Just make sure your ready for it. Expecting it can help get through it.

Additionally, make sure you decide up-front when you are going to quit. And don’t be afraid to quit. Don’t let being in the moment decide whether you should quit or not.

Zig Ziglar says, “Failure is not a person, it’s only an event.”

As an entrepreneur, I can tell you this is very, very hard. The inclination to quit comes and goes at various intervals. The worst part is not knowing how to address that emotion.

Winners understand that taking that pain now prevents a lot more pain later but at the same time quitting is better than coping because it frees you up to excel at something else.

Stick It Out

Zig Ziglar also says, “Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly until you are good at it.”

The harder anything is, the fewer people will do it. This means that the ones who do will have more value to add to the world. Don’t be afraid of adversity. Embrace it. Get through it. Just don’t give up in the middle of it. Give up sooner if you are going to give up.

If you know you are not going to finish school, then drop out earlier and save yourself time and rather invest that time elsewhere. Why waste time and drop out in grade 11 or 12. Who quiets comrades marathon at the 86 km (Comrades marathon is about 90km).

If you are going all the way, go all the way. The survival mode is a filter. It is that barrier that separates the well-meaning amateurs from the professionals, the dividing line between average and best-in-the-world. When you start a business, it’s fun and you get a lot of support.

When you break through the survival mode, you are seen as the one, the only, the go-to person. In between starting and success is the survival mode.

I believe all business challenges are good news. That’s because you know there is light at the end of the tunnel. When an entrepreneur breaks through the challenges, they end up generating hundreds of millions in revenue and profits because they are seen as unique.

Don’t find the biggest challenge. Find the biggest challenge YOU can make it through. And then do it again. Entrepreneurship success is a series of challenges, navigated.

I have a lot of entrepreneurs on survival mode for a prolonged period, its always better to decide if you are going to get out of survival mode and grow and just quit… Either way, there is no shame in their game.

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