It’s a blend of two things. “I would really like to help you,” and, “If this is not for you, that’s okay, there are others it might be a better match for.

Generosity, not arrogance.

Problem-solving, not desperation.

Helpfulness, not selfishness.

The definition of sales has shifted. It’s not about the volume of sales that you make, but about the quality of it.

Your product should exactly address the problem of the customer; otherwise eventually that customer would slip.

I have always maintained that I don’t necessarily want new readers for my writing; I just want to make my writing relevant for my readers. That’s why it seems effortless to write posts everyday.

How I got over the nerves to write and publish my first book was because I decided to write my thoughts for my friends and family. I was not aiming for thousands of readers but for a few close family friends.

The best quality in your salesperson would be the ability to identify the product-customer fit, and then make the sale. Persuasiveness is not the only quality good enough now.

No legitimate business uses spam as a tool for long. It does not matter if you are selling diamond mines, weight loss tools, penis surgery or refrigerator globes, spam is going to take your brand down.


Humanise your brand, be social, be sociable to your clients. If the only time you socialise with your clients is when you sell to them, then you are spamming your clients and clients have perfected the art of ignoring spam emails, WhatsApp adverts, facebook tags, chain emails etc.

Don’t disturb strangers with your message rather speak to people who want to listen to you.

Identify what your customers want and sell to them. Don’t sell to everybody because not everybody will buy.

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