So many of us have build great exteriors of our lives.

On social media, television and around us, we see people displaying certain levels of success, recognition, applause, accomplishments, and awards… but many times we receive the reward but inwardly we cannot appreciate and accept what has happened because our “inner world” is disorganised and many times compromised and empty.

Being a public success but private failure always leaves an empty soul.

Our private world is the world outside of work. It is family time, it is gardening time, it is reading time, it lounging in shorts in front of the television time.

Our private world is a world of rest, reflection, introspection and prayer.

Want to do work that matters?

Order your private world. Spend time on yourself and very close people to you.

From Gordon MacDonald:

“There is a temptation to give imbalanced attention to our public worlds at the expense of the private – more programs, more meetings, more learning, more relationships, more busyness.

Until it all becomes so heavy that we teeter on the verge of collapse. Fatigue, disillusionment, failure, and defeat all become frightening possibilities.”

To order your private world tells the rest of us that you are in it for the long haul. You are not going away. You won’t get burned out.

Ordering your private world means scheduling rest and reflection in the same way you schedule meetings and events.

Ordering your private world means you don’t share intimate details of your private life with the world on social media.

The world does not have to know who you tagged or where you checked in yesterday. You don’t have to attend every glitz and glamour function you are invited.

You don’t have to name drop famous people in order to feel important.

Ordering your private world is also your intimate connection to the Creator.

To stray too far into a public world disconnects you from the life force of the one who put you here in the first place.

Our private world should radiate influence to the outside world, rather than letting the outer world influence us.

Our spiritual life, our inner voice, is one that sustains the strength and foundation of our physical lives and all that we build on the surface of our lives.

Doing work that matters means taking about 15 Minutes a day to attend to and strengthen your inner man through meditation, reflection, time alone in prayer, journaling, or just simply visiting your future through your imagination.

People don’t have to know everything about you. You can be extremely successful and still keep a low profile.

Being a public success but a private failure is like conquering the world but losing your soul in the process.

Whatever you do, make sure you take time out for yourself…You Need it… and deserve it.

It is okay to be successful and only few close people know about it.

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