Social Capital – A fancy word for a simple idea. In its simplest form, social capital sets you up for the amazing benefits that occur from having great relationships.

Not only are cultivating relationships good for your mental and emotional health, they are a crucial resource to doing work that matters.

You might have the most impressive ideas and work ethic in the world, but I don’t think you will be truly successful until you can get a handful of people to say they trust you.

Regardless of our personal ambition, we need others to help us reach our full potential. No man is an island.

There is a reason why Dumbledore and Gandalf chose the heroes they did to save the world.

Harry and Frodo were brave, humble, and trustworthy, but they also had friends who

would follow them to the ends of the earth.

You want people on your team, people who like you. Start building the foundation of success with the bricks of social capital.

Choose the right friends. Build a tribe, a group of elites, a fellowship of the course.

Ditch the ones who drag you down. Then make it a point to stay connected to the people who matter most.

 Who you hang out with determines what you dream about and what you collide with.

Go ahead and build group of elites. Not the elites of class or wealth, but the elites of curiosity, passion and taste. Every great thing ever created was created by and for this group.

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