I don’t believing the secret to doing work that matters is to JUST “follow your passions.” People will tell you that and you will believe them. But it’s not the complete truth.

If you really want to know where your destiny lies, look at where you apply your time.

Your passions will undoubtedly change, grow, evolve, and mature. You will most likely have more than one. But the thing that doesn’t change is the amount of hours in the day.

Because quite honestly, your passion isn’t enough. Passion is a spark, a shot of caffeine, a potent but temporary dose of inspiration injected into your bloodstream.

The secret weapon is a combination of your passion and an organised and detailed application of your time.

There will definitely be times when you are not passionate about your passion. But those are the times when you put your head down and put the work in.

Think of the thing you are most passionate about. Then decide how many hours of the day you can devote to it. If you still can’t find enough time, you need to find a different thing to care about. Because the guilt of not doing the thing you love most may very well be the worst guilt of all.

There is nothing more frustrating than spending most of your time on something you are not feeling.

But at the same time:

It is important to do what you have to do [even if you don’t like it] so that you can do what you love later.

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