“You can’t get rid of fear, the harder you push back at it the louder it becomes.”

Fear creates procrastination in those who don’t understand it. People wait and wait or over educate hoping that fear will take a break and let you try that thing that scares you to death but fear is your enemy and your best friend.

Without it you wouldn’t know what really matters but with it, as your ally, you get energy and excitement to take action.

When my daughter was six years old, she went up a couple of steps on the ladder to jump off but she got scared and she didn’t off and I wouldn’t let her come down. After twenty minutes, she finally jumped off, and what she did instantly is get back up on the ladder to do it again. What happen? Why was it that the first time it was something she couldn’t possibly do and then she wanted to do it again?

The reason is there is this moment we have, the feeling that we get when we are about to do something that might not work. I think that feeling is what it is to be human, to be innovative, to make art and to make a difference. Some people have never felt that feeling because they have insulated themselves by following the rules, keeping their heads down, doing what they are told and “keeping it safe.”

A part of my job is to provoke people into feeling that possibility, into confronting your fear of doing something that might not work, and overcoming it by jumping off and then doing it again and again until you move to the next scary thing.

Feeling fearful is the recognition of potential growth. It will never leave; it wants to get your heart racing.

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