No one is in charge. The hospital doesn’t appear to have a CEO, and if it does, you never see her, hear about her or interact with her in any way.

Not that the person at the top doesn’t care, but it’s because the systems and processes in place are working.

If you want to see and understand the importance of having systems in your business, see how hospitals and airports operates, you don’t get to know the airport or hospital manager walking around shouting instructions. Everything is on auto-pilot. Maybe strive to run your business like a hospital/airport.

Maybe you need to build your business in such a way that customers don’t have to know who the owner is, and actually don’t even have to care who the owner is.

How you achieve that? build systems and processes in your business and have a good team of staff.

These are the summarised steps to building systems and processed in your business:

1. Write down all the key actions and processes that needs to be followed when a customer walks in and when she leaves the business. Write down everything/action. (process maps)

2. Identify the systems (and equipment) required to make the process smoother.

3. Then get people with good attitude (hire the right attitude),

4. Train them on those processes, show them by executing the process yourself, follow the process with them, then let them do the process under your supervision,

5. Then let them follow the process in your absence,

6. Then let them teach others the process.

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