“Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” ~ Harry S. Truman

Successful entrepreneurs are readers. Reading, attending conferences, speaking at conferences, watching entrepreneurship programs are some of the things that entrepreneurs do in order to keep themselves well-informed.

When you work for a corporate, training is part of your development plan and also forms part of your Individual Development Plan. Courses are identified at the beginning of the period and you therefore attend and keep up to date.

As an entrepreneur, the onus to keep up to date lies solely with you. No one is going to push you to attend courses. Reading books, business journals, biographies, attending seminars are a definite must do. There is no short-cut to this.

Investing in yourself as an entrepreneur is something that you cherish and you are able to select which short-course to attend.

To be top of your game, you have to be well-informed.

You drive your own development.

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