Its not what you say, but how you say it…

Its not what you say, but how you say it…



Consider these two statements:

‘Hey, dont you see the rubbish bin is full!’


‘It would be really great if you could empty the rubbish bin, honey’

C’est le ton qui fait la musique: its not what you say, but how you say it. If a message is communicated in different ways, it will also be received in different ways. In psychologists’ jargon, this technique is called framing.

We react differently to identical situations, depending on how they are presented. In the 1980s Kahneman conducted as survey in which he put forward two options for an epidemic-control strategy. The lives of 600 people were at stake, they told participants to the survey:

– Option A: Saves 200 lives
– Option B: Offers 33% chance that all 600 people will survive and a 66% chance that no one will survive.

Although options A and B were the same (with…

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Which comes first: The product or the marketing?

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The State of Entrepreneurship in South Africa: Solutions and Recommendations

The following are some of the recommendations now how to remedy and create a culture of thriving entrepreneurship in South Africa. This list is not exhaustive, there are other recommendation: Education: Entrepreneurial education – when offered – is unlikely to reduce/remove the deficit created by having a poor basic education. Entrepreneurship training and support should…

The State of Entrepreneurship in South Africa: Women vis-a-vis Men Entrepreneurs

The ratio of male to female participation in early-stage entrepreneurial activity varies considerably across countries (GEM Global Report, 2013), possibly because of different cultural aspects and customs regarding women’s role in the family and their participation in the labour market. It should be recognised that women enter entrepreneurship for many of the same reasons as…

The State of Entrepreneurship in South Africa: The State We Are In

‘”Throughout the world, shifts in population demographics, technology changes, fluctuating economies and other dynamic forces have transformed societies as never before, bringing new challenges and opportunities to the forefront. Among the responses to these shifting forces is an increased emphasis on entrepreneurship by governments, organisations and the public.” - GEM Global Report, 2012 The most widely…

Mastery, Connection and then Grace

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So It’s Your Birthday Today

So It’s Your Birthday Today


– If I was going to make you a cake for R20, using Joe Soap’s special recipe, I would go to the supermarket and get the ingredients and bake one slice of cake for you.

– I like you a little but I am in a hurry, so I’m going to buy cake mix and pay R30 for the mix that will give me a slice, plus I get to save time (of having not to measure and mix the ingredients)

– But if I am really in a hurry, I might as well just pay R40 of cake slice, no problem because it’s worth it to me. The experience not the cake.

– But you are my buddy and it’s your 45 birthday so I’m going to my faviourite bakery where I am liked and I’m going to pay R60 per slice and I am happy to pay it.

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