Two pieces of advice I tell start-up entrepreneurs that I wish I knew when I got started:

First, if you’re doing it for fame and fortune. Don’t do it.

Do it to change your little part of the world, to find a solution to a problem, to create positive change in society. Find 3 other reasons to start your business that have nothing to do with personal glory, income or recognition.

You might end up being famous and make a fortune, but that should be secondary if at all it is a factor. Don’t make it your primary drive.

Second, don’t go at it alone.

Partner(s), advisor(s) and a business coach are mission critical to success. As smart as you think you are, your mind will play tricks on you and get you to make some pretty dopey decisions along the way.

Having the right team arround you will ensure you get it as close to right as possible.

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