consumer mindset

One of the most important things we can learn to do is to become producers instead of consumers.

Most people live their lives in consumption mode.

They don’t get themselves into a position to produce.

When you are in consumption mode most of the time, you are not generating revenue or building wealth.

In order to create true freedom, we need to move away from consumption and start producing, or at least start producing more then we consume.

In order to understand consumption, you must understand conditioning.

Conditioning is the stimulus around you that comes into your mind and makes you consume.

Every day, we are being bombarded with thousands of consumption methods. Radio and TV adverts, billboards, friends with fancy gadgets, special discount etc. We are literally overwhelmed by these messages.

If you just understand this, you are ahead of the game.

The next step is to reverse it.

You reverse it by getting different information into your mind.

This alone can change your life, but you have got to receive that information on a consistent basis.

You can only imagine that if you watch the normal five hours of TV a day how much conditioning you are getting. It is time to break free of this consumerist mindset and start producing.

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