Art is the work of a human being, something a person does with generosity to touch someone else to make a change for the better.

We can see art in the way the nurse in a doctor’s office treats us when she knows how much pain we are in. She is not just doing her job; she’s being a person. She is enlarging the bubble around herself to include us.

Our best work is always about standing out, never about standing in.

You never meet somebody who says, ‘I succeeded by fitting in more than everyone else.’

That’s all innovation and art is. Bob Dylan was booed off the stage in 1967 when he went electric. He was booed off the stage in 1974 when he went Gospel. He’s been booed off the stage since then and yet he still fills theaters. Being booed off the stage is a key part of being an artist. Steve Jobs was fired from his own company. Malcolm McLean was booed off stage while trying to convince the transportation industry to use containerised shipping. Nelson Mandela was incarcerated for what he stood for.

I have failed so many times in my career. However my few successes compensate for my failures. I don’t consider it a good day unless I fail. Failure is not something I hide from, it is something I seek.

I have written hundreds of blog posts. Most of them are not that great. I have launched many entrepreneurship projects, some of them have fallen on their face. I have had negotiations where I completely misunderstood what the other person was looking for, or they misunderstood me, and we walked away from each other.

Art is about risk, “This Might Not Work” is how I define art.

This attitude is what I try to bring to everything I do. If I am getting started, or about to throw it out into the world, I say to myself, ‘Hmm, this one might not work.’ If I’m not able to say that, then I probably haven’t pushed myself enough.

If not a single person read my blog, I would still write it every day.

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