The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

The first time you bake cupcakes, you will certainly follow the recipe to the letter with energy.

The third time, you might improvise and screw up a bit. Learning your lesson, you will follow the recipe again and again as closely as you can.

By the fifth time, some people actually learn to bake.

They improvise successfully. They understand the science and the outcomes.

By this time they can bake cupcakes without opening a recipe book.

They develop a kind of gracefulness in the kitchen.

They are cooks, not chefs.

A cook is not an artist.

A cook follows a recipe, and he’s a good cook if he follows the recipe correctly.

A chef is an artist.

She’s an artist when she invents a new way of cooking or a new type of dish that creates surprise or joy or pleasure for the person she created it for.

The Chef is an artist, she creates rules. The cooks follows the rules. The chef masterminds the entire menu.

We have too many people who follow the rules correctly. The world is begging for people who will make new rules while creating something remarkable.

Jamie Oliver is an artist in the kitchen.

Mama Gcina Mhlophe is an artist in storytelling.

Tebogo Mahlatsi is an artist in TV production.

Martin Luther King Jr was an artist in leadership.

Steve Jobs an artist in design.

Huggins “Shucks” Sefanyetso an artist in law.

Warren Buffet is an artist in investing.

Are you an artist of your industry?

Is your business a chef or a cook?

Are you a chef or cook at work?

We have too many cooks. The world is begging for chefs.

Bon Appetit

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